I finished assembling the initial setpieces today. I’ve got eight of them, each 2’ wide, with a total height of 10’. The active area is from 4’ up to 10’, though I likely won’t need that high or that low. The extra height will be useful in that I’ll be able to attach things to the top and the bottom, such as support beams, to allow me to hang ceilings from them (hopefully), and to prop up things like desks and tables and such.

For the desks and tables and such, I’ll also need to build some support structures so I can prop things up in the middle of the room, even away from the walls.

One thing I like about the set framework (which will hopefully work as I’ve designed them) is that I can rearrange and reconfigure the pieces to form a wide variety of locations on the Pilkington. The bridge will be the largest set, at 4x5x4 pieces to form 3 walls. This will require 13 pieces, and if I build 18 pieces in total, I could make a four-walled bridge, enabling me to treat the bridge like a fully realized space.

The set pieces will also be the hallways of the ship, and the sickbay, and everything else I need. Since the ship walls will be pretty straightforward in terms of their design and layout, I’ll be able to quickly rebuild from one set to another, allowing me to quickly and easily stage a shot that goes from the bridge to the adjacent hallway, down the hallway, and into sickbay, or the elevator, or whatever. It should, hopefully, help sell the illusion of size.

Also, one or two of the segments I haven’t yet built will have a functioning door built into it, so the characters can realistically move through it. It should be pretty badass.

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